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Existence 2056 A.D.

Steven Buckner
Steven Buckner


Here is my latest track, this time it is a tension filled cue with suspense! Nevertheless, our existence is filled with wonderment and questions such as, who are we, what are we, and how are we a part of it all. I feel that is for each of us to discover. The year 2056 is a future date that is not set in stone, but I wonder how things will be on this Earth when it comes.

Hmm, where will you be when 2056 A.D. comes? If I'm still on this Earth then I will be pushing around 83 years old. I think I will be reflecting on my life's journey and accomplishments or probably sipping on a martini or a Mai Tai by the beach or something. I could possibly be playing the next generation of game systems. Perhaps multiplayer games will be sophisticated enough to connect with our central nervous system. What will the future hold for our existence? Perhaps there will be changes in our ecosystem that will sustain life even further. Who knows, some may care and others may not. However, I feel that our existence may be connected with each other each other somehow and that is why I was inspired to write this new composition titled Existence 2056 A.D.