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It is hard to believe that I have completed three volumes of cues in a span of 2 years! Now  I'm challenging myself to work on something far deeper than the previous works that I completed. With this new project, it is my goal to seek a new way of composing music! What I mean by that I cannot fully express in words except to say that like science, music has many areas that have yet to be discovered.

By design, project IV is going to be an overall pleasant listening experience;however, what I'm seeking to accomplish is to open areas of the mind and spirit on a subconscious level. I feel it is time to create this project especially during these challenging times in our society. My heart tells me that as a society, we are heading into far more difficult challenges and scenarios. This project is designed to combat the stresses of these challenges.

I should mention that although the project is titled IV, it is not a continuation of "The Cues" series. It is a separate project only meant to assist in our daily lives.  I hope to have this project completed towards the 1st or 2nd quarter in 2018 depending on my progress. Once the project is completed, I will post one or two of the segments on Soundcloud, but the full versions will be projected to be available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon!

Stay tuned,