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It is hard to believe that I have completed three volumes of cues in a span of 2 years! Now  I'm challenging myself to work on something far deeper than the previous works that I completed. With this new project, it is my goal to seek a new way of creating music! What I mean by that  cannot  fully be expressed in words except to say that like science, music has many areas that have yet to be discovered. In music theory, the schools teach you chord progressions that have been tested and tried for centuries and after you learn them, than you break the rules! I guess I'm going head first into breaking every rule in this next project! 

I have all the ideas in my head floating around and to be able to translate that into the instruments and sounds we use today will be a huge challenge and undertaking, but I think I can do it! I hope to have this project completed towards the end of the year or 1st quarter in 2018 depending on my progress. Once completed, I will post one or two of the segments on Soundcloud, but the remainder will probably be available as a partial album on Spotify,  and full versions on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon!

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