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Darkness Into Light Vol 1. Deep Meditation

by Steven Buckner

Released 2005
Buckner Music
Released 2005
Buckner Music
THE JOURNEY BEGINS... The first of a three part series designed with you the people in mind. Volume 1 is a new age,jazz,cinematic experience set to uplift your spirit and relax you during stressful moments in your life.
Studio A Productions/Buckner Music presents Darkness Into Light Vol I: Deep Meditation which is the first of a three part series that explores individualistic interpretations of mankinds will for hope and survival over its inner being. This album series is designed with you the people in mind. The philosopy behind the album series is to help you attain inner peace. As this process unfolds, the next two albums will evolve as world events continously change to better meet the needs of many of you. Use the album as a supplement to your everyday living whether to relax and meditate or use it to reflect upon your life's journey to obtain inner peace. Volume II will be released in 2008 and Volume III is scheduled for release in 2012.

For about 20 years, Buckner has been able to develop his own unique and distinctive style in composition. His talented ability in composition ranges from Orchestration, New Age, Jazz, Techno, R&B, World,Dance Electronica, and Ethnic music. Buckner is a self taught musician but also studied music theory and composition at Mott Community College. During his early college years, Buckner had also performed with both the Mott Community College Jazz and University of Michigan-Flint Jazz Ensembles. He later graduated at the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications. Steven Buckner after 9 years in development is now releasing his debut album. Darkness Into Light Vol I: Deep Meditation

"As an artist, I would like to take all the elements of music I learned and combined them into one music. This album series is also about one's spirituality and entering a deeper consciousness to obtain inner peace,by both me the composer and the listener.", states Buckner.

At a hearty young age of 31, Buckner strives to continue learning the intrinsic value of music and motion picture. His goals are to continue to work on film compositions, as well as share his music worldwide.