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by Steven Buckner

Released 2018
Buckner Music
Released 2018
Buckner Music
The latest release from Classical/Jazz composer Steven Buckner! Steven wrote this piece over 25 years ago but decided to record a professional recording of the piece to be made to the public!
Releasing Invisible came by coincidence after reviewing one of my earlier cassette tapes that I made over 25 years ago. What inspires me to compose music is meeting people and hearing their stories. I dedicated this piece to a family who lost their 13 year old daughter Lauren to a horrific crime a few years ago. I became friends with her mother and family and heard their stories about Lauren and felt a connection. They have been through a lot, but they also have helped others in this process by starting a memorial for families who lost their loved ones to gun violence and other crimes. Sometimes we are bought together for reasons beyond our understanding which will make more sense as time goes by.

Although many of you including myself have never met Lauren, I would like to say that when listening to this music, think of Lauren and may you feel her spirit in the music!

Steven Buckner

INVISIBLE Written, Composed and Performed by Steven Buckner ASCAP Publisher Courtesy of Buckner Music
Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved
Dedicated In Loving Memory Of Lauren Landavazo