Heaven vs. Hell

Steven Buckner

Composer Steven Buckner brings to you one of his latest epic soundtracks that was inspired by his personal spiritual experiences.

Classical/Jazz Pianist and Composer Steven Buckner has always been inspired by others and world events to create his own distinctive style in music composition. As a native Michigander, Steven loves to travel and seeks inspiration thru the people he meets and writes music thru his own experiences. Steve describes his music as a channeling of cultural and spiritual elements. Steve added that, "Peace comes from within, and music can have a place for it as well"

Steve is a self-taught musician who learned piano at the early age of 10 when his father was playing a Christmas song 'Oh Little Town of Bethleham' on their family piano. Steve later asked his father to teach him the song and from that point he started writing his own compositions. Now in his late 30s, Steven has taken his own compositions and created an album titled, " Darkness Into Light Vol 1 Deep Meditation" Steven remarked that he felt an urge to create the album to help relieve stress during difficult times in peoples lives by using the album as a tool to help them meditate. Steven feels that the album is more of a gift to humanity then a product because of this reason.

Steve also remarked that, "Music is just like a painting, and it can also be a timeless piece of work as well! I would also like to thank everyone who listens to my music and hope that you share in my vision of inner peace." Steven’s music is available worldwide on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, and most major online retail stores.

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