Darkness Into Light Vol II. The Classical Diaries

11/11/15 Steven Buckner has now released his latest album titled, "Darkness Into Light Vol II: The Classical Diaries". Steven's new album is a one of a kind classical masterpiece which features his original classical compositions. The music on this album has elements of orchestration, cinematic piano, and ethnic instruments! Steven created this album to inspire, motivate, and  change the way we think, feel, and know about music. This album is meant to connect with your mind, body and spirit and to also help you relax  during stressful times. "Every time I hear this album, it takes me to some place that I cannot describe, and I think it is time to share it", states Steven.

This is the latest update to Steven's Darkness Into Light series. His last album Darkness Into Light Vol I. Deep Meditation was released worldwide in 2005. It wasn't until just recently, when Steven had a spiritual calling and decided it was necessary to release the album during this time. You too can experience this spiritual awakening by listening to Steven's music. The album is only available as a full download at a very affordable price to receive the full experience where no track is left out!

Steven has connected with many homeless individuals during his travels. "These individual are like you and me, but in a most unfortunate situation", states Steven.  To bring awareness and help the cause of the homeless problem, Steven will donate ten percent of the proceeds of this album to go towards feeding the homeless!

Album Notes:
All music written and composed by Steven Buckner copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.
Album photo by Stacy Buckner
Cover Art by Brandon Jovon

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Darkness Into Light Vol I. Deep Meditation

Album Notes

Studio A Productions/Buckner Music presents Darkness Into Light Vol I: Deep Meditation which is the first of a three part series that explores individualistic interpretations of mankinds will for hope and survival over its inner being. This album series is designed with you the people in mind. The philosopy behind the album series is to help you attain inner peace. As this process unfolds, the next two albums will evolve as world events continously change to better meet the needs of many of you. Use the album as a supplement to your everyday living whether to relax and meditate or use it to reflect upon your life's journey to obtain inner peace.
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Album Notes
Composer/ Songwriter Steven Buckner has just released a new track titled "Hope", which is a inspirational self help musical composition that is meant to bring a positive feeling of well being. If you are stressed, tired and cannot sleep, then this song is just for you! Listen, close your eyes and imagine the possibilities of what you can accomplish is what Steven wants you to do with this song. As you listen to this piece, you will realize that this song is truly meant for you....

Taking elements of American Culture was the inspiration behind Steve's latest song Hope. Steven states. "I remember going to DC and visiting all the National Monuments. This song reminds me so much of my trip, (to DC) although it was over 10 years ago, it is still fresh in my mind."

This instrumental piece comprises highlights of piano, strings, voices and trumpets, and a nutritional source of energy to bring well being into your spirit!
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Commodore Dayz

Album Notes
Remember the 80's, and the 90's? Remember those hot summer days behind your computer desk with friends and family enjoying a once well known popular computer entertainment system. Well, those summer days were the inspiration behind this new track and tribute from Steven Buckner!

Taking the lavish sound designs using a SID emulator. Steven combines fresh elements of Electronic Gaming , Contemporary Jazz to a new level up which will be known to all as Commodore Dayz!
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Composer Steven Buckner brings to you one of his latest epic soundtracks that was inspired by his personal spiritual experiences.

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Lift Every Nation

Sometimes words cannot describe music. This is one of those moments where unspoken words are conveyed in emotion. This song written by Steven Buckner is dedicated to the lives of those who endure the tribulations of time, seek moments of truth and courage during unforeseen world events.
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